Retired breeding cats

Elins Diamanter


Et Ragdoll-oppdrett i Molde!

NB! Vi har ny hjemmeside:

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Beautiful NO*Elins Diamanter Engla.

She is mother of the M-litter:-)

She lives in Molde together with her daugther Mollie and their owner Elisabeth.

NO*Elins Diamanter Jade 

RAG n 03 (High mitted)

NO*Elins Diamanter Charms 

RAG n 03 (High mitted)


IC (NL) Of Moonlight Dolls Jewel   

RAG n 03 (High mitted) 

CH (N)Happy Pops Harley   

RAG a 03  

(N)Happy Pops Fibi   

RAG a 04


Jade september 2015



CH (N)Happy Pops Harley

Lovely boy Harley from Aud and Silje Helen Otterlei.

He is the father of  the Gemstone-litter; where we kept NO*Elins Diamanter Jade .

Charms 31.03.2015
IC(NL)Of Moonlight Dolls Jewel

Beautiful girl from Heleen Neswi in the Netherlands. Our first import.

Jewel is mother og the Gemstone litter, where we kept NO*Elins Diamanter Jade in our cattery.

She is also the mother of NO*Elins Diamanter Charms.

Lovely girl Fibi from Aud and Silje Helen Otterlei.

She is the mother of  the Blue-litter.

This lovely girl is the first we kept out of our own breeding. She is the mother of the D-litter.

Four lovely kittens, where we kept NO*Elins Diamanter Daylight Diamant for our breedingprogram. Unfortenaly we had to neuter Daylight in september 2017, before she got any litter.

Our lovely girl Charms. She was the only girl in the litter, and we kept her in our breedingprogram. She is mother of the F-litter; three beautiful kittens :-)

She lives together with Line & Johannes :-)

NO*Elins Diamanter Engla
Elonadolls Dragon in March 2017

Our very lovely King Elnadolls Dragon. Imported from Austria; Simona Delasch. The most wonderful temper and so handsome.

He lives as a spoiled pet together With NO*Elins Diamanter Charms, with our daughter Line and her boyfriend Johannes.

Dragon is father of D-litter, F-litter, H-litter and I-litter.

He is also father of (N)Happy Pops V-litter.