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(N)Amasing Star's Xhanti of Prince Hjugo

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Premier Supreme Champion

(N)Happy Pops Felix

RAG n 03

Felix comes from Aud and Silje Helen Otterlei. 

He is a large and strong male. Long and muscular body, long tail.  And he is broad. 

As a fertile male at 3,5 years; his weight is 7,5 kg.

He has good eyecolor and shape of the eyes.  Nice shape and placement of the ears.

He is also well marked. We could wish a little higher forehead, his profile has develop very well. 


His personality and expression is simply wonderful!  We call him "Ambassadør Felix".  He is acting and appears just like we want from a Ragdoll.  All visitors just loves Felix; he is truly an ambassador for Ragdolls! 

It is impossible not to love Felix!


Thank you Aud and Silje for thinking about our opportunities, Felix just loves to go to the shows - and so do we!

Born: 12.02.2012

Father: CH (N)Diadem's Donnie Darko, Rag n 04

Mother: CH (N)Eirik's So Precious, Rag a 03


Tested for HCM: Genotype N/N.

Felix has been neutered, and we are very greatful for his carrier. Next show will be as a neutered :-)  He is proud father of the Charms-litter and E-litter

EX1 x8, BIS litter, BIV x9, NOM x 23, BIS x5-

17.09.2016: Supreme Champion


Diamond Dolls Mac Million Diamant  RAG n

Mac comes from Betty Horvath and her family in Hungary - Diamond Dolls Ragdoll!

We got him home the 30. April 2018 !

This ia a beautiful male with the most wonderful temperament!

He is still very young and it will be a pleasure to follow his development:-)

He is a perfectly marked colorpoint, lovely contrast in colours, super coatquality.. He has good eyecolor, a very nice profile, he has height in his forehead, strong chin and muzzle. Good earplacement, has a flat plane at the top of the head. If we should ask for more, we could wish for a  longer tail. But he "has it all" and more!


Thank you so much Betty for letting us have this beautiful promising  boy!

Born: 03.12.2018

Parents: USAPurrs Love You Luka & Diamond Dolls Baileys

Tested negative for FIV, FELv.

Tested for HCM :

Parents tested negative for HCM, PKD, FIV and FELv.

He don't have PG in his pedigree.

No stud-service

Showresults:EX2,  EX1, NOM.

USApurrs Love You Luka
Diamond Dolls Baileys

Beautiful parents of Diamond Dolls Mac Million Diamant!

USApurrs Love you Luka & Diamond Dolls Baileys

Photos byBetty Horvath

Elonadolls Kennedy - RAG a 03

Kennedy is another boy from Simona Delasch - Elonadolls Ragdoll!

We went to lovely Vienna and took him home in October 2016!

He is  perfectly marked, and has a realy nice profile, and a good eyecolor. He has well set ears and a flate plane on the top of the head.

He is broad and strong boned; super body this boy! 

He seems to develop very well; he is very nice in all ways !


Thank you so much Simona for trusting us this beautiful promising young boy!

Born: 16.06.2016



Tested negative for FIV, FELv.

Tested for HCM : Genotype N/N

Parents also tested negative for HCM, PKD, FIV and FELv.

He don't have PG in his pedigree.

He is father to the J-litter, K-litter, L-litter and M-litter:-)


No stud-service.

(N)Amasing Star's Soi-San of Milo 

RAG a 04

Thank you Merethe for trusting us this beautiful promising young boy!

We are very happy for this beautiful boy with a traditional pedigree!

It will be a pleasure to follow his development :-)

Born: 20.08.2017


RO*Elian Rags Milo, RAG n 03

(N)Amasing Star's Xhanti of Prince Hjugo, RAG a 04

Tested for HCM:

He does not have PG in his pedigree.

No stud service.

Felix is a beauty

The beautiful parents of SC Happy Pops Felix!

CH (N)Eirik's So Precious

CH (N)Diadem's Donnie Darko

Photo by Silje Helen and Aud Otterlei.

CH Eulalie Oliver of Elonadolls

Proud parents of Kennedy:

CH Eulalie Oliver of Elonadolls & Elonadolls Edelweiss!

Photos by Simona Delasch

Elonadolls Dragon , march 2017
Kennedy 1 year and 3 months
(N)Amasing star,s Soi-San 3 months
RO*Elian Rags Milo

Proud parents of Soi-San:

RO*Elian Rags Milo (left) and (N)Amasing Star's Xhanti of Prince Hjugo:-)

Photo: Merethe Førde